Where Erasmus walked

Today I am sharing a few pictures from the so called Krimpenerwaard, a river region South of the Dutch town of Gouda. The great scholar Erasmus is claimed by this town as honourary citizen. They must really love him there, but I will save that for another post. Erasmus was born in Rotterdam and actually lived in the old monastery Stein; situated near the picturesque and ancien town of Haastrecht (literally: ‘nearly right‘, but probably derived from its designation near the river: ‘haveke drecht‘). Erasmus also lived in Deventer where he attended the Latin school. Both Gouda and Deventer where important cities in the late Middle Ages and connected by a river system.

A picturesque view on Haastrecht.

Stork with little ones on church roof
Stork with youngsters on Jaarsveld church.

Site of the Augustinian monastery in Stein where Erasmus entered around age sixteen. Not a happy time. He considered his superiors “barberians”.

A cheese farm and some animals now occupy the former site of the monastery. Like Martin Luther, Erasmus was an Augustinian monk.

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