Visiting Wittenberg

From St. Stephen’s day to St. Basil’s, I had the privilege to walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther. Visiting Luther’s home, also Melanchton’s, the Schlosskirche and Stadtkirche were among the highlights.

Stadtkirche Wittenberg, where Luther used to preach regularly.
Schlosskirche, where the 95 theses were published..
Luther’s grave and memorial plague (wall) in the Castle Church.
Luther’s former home, possibly the largest reformation museum in the world.
Dinner room where most of the famous tabletalk took place. The pannelling, benches and table as well as part of the floor are believed to be part of the original furniture when Luther lived here.
Philippus Melanchton’s home.
The room where Melanchton used to work, and also died (refurbished in original style in the 19th century, but the original room).
Guess who?

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