Suppression of link between Covid vaccination and sudden death

This month the medical journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has published an editorial that claims there is a general suppression of the sudden death phenomenon after Covid 19 vaccination in the medical journals, as well as in the general media.

The AAPS is a well respected organisation. As is the author of the editorial. Dr Jane M. Orient is a practicing general internist and serves as executive director of AAPS and managing editor of the Journal. She writes:

“Despite well-documented mechanisms of death being myocarditis, progression of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, primary ventricular arrythmias, intracranial hemorrhage, pulmonary embolism, anaphylactoid shock, and multisystem inflammatory disorder, there are hardly any papers that dare suggest the obvious: that there is a very strong indication that the vaccines are causing death.”

You may download the full article here.

Earlier this summer a research publication from the department of health of the government of Western Australia proved the link between extremely numerous and dangerous adverse effects and Covid injections (which carry genetic instructions), spelling out the risks and side effects per brand.

As these claims concern observable and repeatable facts (Popper’s falcification principle applies), there is no good reason why these considerations should be kept out of the public discourse. It continues to bemuse that journalists and scientists alike have introduced an eerie silence when the political truth for the day is challenged. If there is a possible link, lets consider the facts. If there is no link, lets prove it, but not without considering all relevant data.

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