Räsänen: Persecution as Blessing in Disguise

Thirteen hours interrogation at police headquarters for Christian views that she had advocated all of her adult life. A surrealist situation. We are not talking North Korea, but Finland. Not some obscure pastor from somewhere, but the Minister of the Interior (Home Affairs) who used to be head of Police.

In this episode of Signs of the Times we reflect on four years of liberal persecution with Mrs Päivi Maria Räsänen from Finland. She is a Christian, as well as a mother and grandmother. She trained as a medical doctor and has served as a MP since 1995. Mrs Räsänen was, amongst other positions, the Minister of the Interior of Finland between 2011 and 2015. She is known for her traditional Christian views on ethics, and advocates Biblical views on marriage and alternative expressions of sexuality. Suddenly she was attacked for Christian convictions she had held all her life and which used to be mainstream only a few decades ago.

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