Godfather or Godfearing bishop?

Ambrose of Milan

Ambrose of Milan has not been positively valued by patristic scholarschip in recent years. For many theologians he is the prototype of a secular godfather who used religion for personal influence and power.

In essence the currently prevailing view among patristic scholars is at best a sociological approach that fails to grasp the historical impact of alleged divine revelation on worldview and daily life. At worst this view and the attitude of some who hold it, reveals a neo-marxist power struggle that feels the need to cancel any academic who begs to differ.

On the firm basis of primary and secondary sources, imbedded in the worldview of Ambrose and his contemporanies it has become my firm conviction that the current ‘consensus’ has no historical basis, but is a reflection of 21st century values that are being projected on the fourth. In sum, a form of meaning assignment by an existentialist elite who reveal by their cancelation of fellowscholars who disagree with their views, much of the traits they allege to recognize in Ambrose as godfather who, in their view, used power and cancelling to further ‘his’ truth.

Weigh the arguments up for yourself. Read my recent publication “Godfather or Godfearing Bishop?” in the international Journal for Christian Scholarship. If anything, this article (in Dutch, abstract in English) shows that there isn’t consensus any longer.

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