“God eclipse” in Christian theology

Today I share an article which was published with the international journal for Plutarch studies.

Modern portrait at Chaeronea, based on a bust from Delphi tentatively identified as Plutarch.

This contribution calls attention to the importance of Plutarch’s book De Defectu Oraculorum as a primary source on the development of the Greek oracle religion in the fi rst century. It argues with an abundance of data from this historic literary
document that Plutarch experienced a profound crisis about the disappearance of the oracles. This article also establishes that Plutarch’s view on the cessation of the oracles in the first century cannot be satisfactorily explained in terms of lack of interest and the infl uences of Roman thought and politics. On a level of religious experience, Plutarch’s ideas prove stimulating for the consideration of the recent “God eclipse” in Christian theology.

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