Fairy Tale about Sexuality

“Fire that keeps burning” (Vuur dat nooit dooft) is a book about sexual identity and activity. It was published this summer and has an intended audience of Christians and congregations. Its authors have an evangelical background (Reformed and Baptist, educated at CHE and teaching at ETF Leuven respectively). I was asked to review this book for a Dutch Christian magazine. This review shows how this books departs from a traditional Christian approach and embraces a mancentred ethics. Its historical treatment of this topic is perhaps indicative of the present state of the discipline of theology. You may read the original Dutch version here: Lees de recensie. Unfortunately the Englisch autogenerated translation containedsilly mistakes, like referring to this book as “Cookbook Center,” for some very obscure reason. Normally this would not have been a problem, but in the context of this discussion it could be construed to be offensive, so I have removed it with apologies to the authors.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale about Sexuality”

  1. Prof dr René Erwich

    Wij hebben uw recensie besproken en geven u onze reactie. Wij stellen vast dat u ons boek geen recht doet en dat de vertaling van uw review nogal wat storende fouten bevat. Wellicht kunt u de vertaling verbeteren ook.

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