Covid Vaccine adverse reaction proven by Australian government study

Covid vaccination shows a devastating level of reported side effects. Only ten months of distribution of Covid vaccins in Western Australia in 2021 resulted in a massive rise in reported adverse reactions: from merely 270 to 10.726.

Adverse reactions are, as a rule, statistically under-reported. The adverse reactions reported for 2021 are not only much more numerous but also very different from those that sometimes accompany regular vaccination. They also seem to coincide with several causes of the present excess death that is experienced in countries where Covid vaccination was introduced.

“The increase in vaccine administration resulted in a significant increase in reports of AEFI, with WAVSS receiving 10,726 individual AEFI reports in 2021, up from 270 in 2020. Of these AEFI, 10,428 (97%) occurred after a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Download the WAVSS annual report for 2021 from the website of the Government of Western Australia or from this website.

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