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Benno Alexander Zuiddam is a New Testament scholar and Church historian with doctorates in Theology and classical Greek. 

He received his training at the universities of Kampen (Oudestraat), Utrecht, Bloemfontein and Potchefstroom.

Dr Zuiddam teaches traditional Christian ethics at the Dutch Reformed Theological Seminary (VU Amsterdam). He has published in the fields of ethics, New and Old Testament studies, Church history, colonial history, Dutch literary history and Renaisance art. From 2008-2018 served as professor of early Christian studies (extraordinary associate) in the School for Biblical Studies and Ancient Languages at North West University, where he presently continues with the research unit of Reformed Theology and South African Society of the Faculty of Theology. He is also tutor for postgraduate studies at Greenwich School of Theology / Theological University Apeldoorn.

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The Van Suydam family has a rich and varied history. Some were among the first settlers of the New Netherland colony (the present American states of New York and New Jersey).

While one relative survived Napoleon’s march into Russia, another fought under Wellington at Waterloo.

Over the years different spellings of the original surname emerged, but all present branches of the family originate with Andries van Suytdam in the fifteen hundreds. Records before this were lost in the Eighty Year War of independence (AD1568-1648).