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Short interview with Dutch Daily on MH17 disaster on Saturday 26 July 2014.



It is winter in Tasmania:

Great Lakes district, July 2014

Snow on the plateau, July 2014

Dreaming of a white Christmas...


On the second of June I had a special encounter with a possum in the Cataract Gorge area. Enjoy the beautiful Autumn colours.

Possum meets St Francis

Because you're mine, I walk the line...

Cataract Gorge in Autumn

Second Basin in Autumn

On the 30th of April we visited the Brickendon Estate, in Longford Tasmania. This is one of the older estates in the North, on the Norfolk Plains, which is remarkably still owned and run by the original family. It was built up with convict labour force, mostly men who were found guilty of theft or burglary in England and sent to Van Diemenland, in many cases serving life sentences. Click the image below to join me in a walk through the estate.

Smokehouse and William Archer's home (1824-29)

Point to ponder: 


Revelation 5: Countdown to new heaven and earth (mp3)

     Holy Trinity Launceston 


Latest articles in theological and classical journals

Early church fathers on death, eschatology and creation (Journal of Creation)  

The Shock factor of Divine revelation: a philological approach to Daniel 8 and 9 (Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament)

Remarkable life of M.C. Vos (In Luce Verbi)

Conceptual unity in Romans (Journal of Early Christian Studies)

Oracular terminology in Hebrews 5 (Scriptura)

New perspectives on Irenaeus (Ekkl. Pharos)

Early orthodoxy in Clement of Alexandria (Acta Patristica et Byz.)


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Newspaper articles

Can we hear God's voice today and receive prophetic messages? (article Dutch Daily) 

Zuiddam Member South African Academy for Science and  Arts (Dutch Daily)

Interview with Dutch newspaper on Eusebius (Reformed Daily)


Gorge, Launceston






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